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C++ is in the game again? or not? [en]

OXFORD, England–The creator of the C++ programming language claims there has been a backlash against some of the newer programming languages such as Java and C#, with developers moving back to using C++.

Bjarne Stroustrup, who currently works as a professor at Texas A&M University and is creator of the C++ programming language, said Wednesday in an interview here at the ACCU Conference it is a misperception that C++ is being overtaken by newer languages such as Java and C#.

“C++ is bigger than ever,” Stroustrup said. “There are more than 3 million C++ programmers. Everywhere I look there has been an uprising–more and more projects are using C++. A lot of teaching was going to Java, but more are teaching C++ again. There has been a backlash.”

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