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Shopping Blogs – make money [en]

I found interest idea to make profit with your blog. You can make shopping blog, and make money. The idea of a shopping blog, a blog on a theme, featuring products you can buy, as opposed to a product blog, where you’d typically write about one or a small group of products, is interesting. Interesting in that I’m just not sure how viable the model is, but I suspect if the blog is highly targeted, it could be very worthwhile.

U can make a deal with some company and sell products with affiliate links. For every sold product they give you some percent. Or u can make your own web market. If u try with affiliate links, u can try with Amazon, or if u waht to sell website templates u can sell Template Monster web templates.

Some Shopping Blogs
Shopping Blog
shoppingblogI am not very impressed with this blog. It is fairly general, and monetize through standard banners rather than direct affiliate links to products it posts on. This site coudn’t make mouch money.

Mighty Goods
This one is affiliate site, with litle adsense thrown in for good measure. This can make more money than the first one. Web designe is fine, and this one has a couple hundred subscribers.

Hunt and Gather
This is great idea, a shopping blog for “cool things for guys”. Monetization is very poor, with few coupons and a bit of adsense. this one has few subscribers. Very disappointed.

Great url, and great designe. This one is also focused on cool stuff for guys, but presented well. It’s well monetized, with all the products being linked with an affiliate id and has a small but healthy subscriber base weighing in at just over 400. U should add this one to your RSS. Great job.

With a couple of exceptions, their is nothing to inspire here, but i think this is good idea and with good designe, good writting, and focusing on some group of product u can success. Afcourse maketing is very importante in this job.

Do any of you guys do this? If so, let us know your experience, and tell me about your site (only if it’s a real shopping blog though please).

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