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Belt for iPod nano [en]

Belt for iPod nano

The line between high tech and high fashion is blurred. TuneBuckle company presents new belt for iPod nano. TuneBuckle’s “The Original” is available is two colors: black and white with red stitching to match your iPod color and personal style. It’s selling in five sizes, from 26 to 50 inches (66-127cm). It’s an chrome-plated aluminum belt and it’s width is 1.5″. While you wearing this belt, you can easily access to Ipod nano commands and headphone port.

Belt for iPod nano

Any typical length of headphone cable will reach to the headphone port. Back side is also open, but of course not visible while “The Original” belt is on you. His price is around 60 dollars.This belt is innovational and practicality and it also holds your pants up!

Belt for iPod nano

TuneBuckle also has two more models: Full Moon for 70 dollars and Full Metal Jacket for 80 dollars. With Full Moon only iPod commands will be opened and display wil be closed with metal, and with Full Metal Jacket iPod will be full protected, but you can’t access to iPod nano commands.

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