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Google Analytics [en]

I am using Google analytics, new web developer analitic software developed on ajax. This new Google product is very usefull and much better than any analitic scripst i used lately. This is a result of Urchin joining Google.

googleHire is what i notice so far:

  • It is free, and u need 2 minutes to sing up. If you have more than 5M pageviews, you need to sign up for an AdWords account.
  • U can watch more than one web site.
  • Integrated with AdWords
  • Help pages are very good, and it looks like the system is available in 16 languages.
  • You can track all sorts of things like Flash events, JavaScript events, and PDF downloads.

I don’t write about things u can find in other web analytic tools, i write about things i found very interested and things u can find in other statistic tools.

Geo map overlay
geo map
The Geo Map Overlay is a graphical representation of the volume of visitors coming from locations around the world. The largest points indicate locations driving the most visitors to your website. Click on any point to see the number of visits, pageviews per visit, conversion rates, and the average visit value for that region. Change the number of data points by increasing the number displayed in the Display pulldown on the title bar. Zoom in on any region by right-clicking and selecting “zoom in” in the Display menu.

On this picture u can see, people read mu blog, in USA and Europe. Other parts of this planet, don’t know for me jet. But i hope this is going to be changed.

Browsers – Platform
For which browser/platform combinations should I optimize my site and content? This report allows you to review which browser and platform combinations your current visitors are using.

Day parts breakdown
At which hours of the day is each keyword most effective? This report compares the number of responses, and the goals or transactions per response for each keyword.

Their is many reports, and i don’t try every one, but their is Dushboard and there u can see the mous important reports.

Paul Muret, one of the Urchin founders who is now a director at Google:

Though in theory people who are using Google Analytics and competitive services to monitor their ad campaigns could be exposing information to Google on how those rival services work, Muret said Google would not get any competitive advantage from that.

“We have very strict controls on the data. It is only used to provide reporting to customers and people using the analytics,” he said.

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