AdSense Attachment Plugin [en]

This is plugin for WordPress from 2.0 to 2.1 version. It will show your attachments (best for Images) in new page rounded with ads. This great way to earn some money and show large images in new window. This plugin show attachments with thumbnail image, and when you click on it will show image in full size. You can setup plugin not to show image in full size if you want.

Attachment page CSS and Layout adjustment

You can adjust Attachment page layout, with changing yourTheme/attachment/attach_style.css file. You can change colors, div position, widths etc. Also you can add wordpress function into yourTheme/attachment/thumbnail.php and large_image.php, if you like to show recent posts list or last comments into Attachment page. In future i could add this feature into this plugin.


  1. Copy plugins/adsense_attachment_page.php into your blog plugin directory
  2. Copy yourTheme/attachment.php to your current theme folder (if you have attachment.php already rewrite it with this one)
  3. Copy whole yourTheme/attachment folder into current theme folder too
  4. Activate the plugin
  5. Go into Option -> AdSense Attachment Page, fill ads boxes with ads code and adjust setup options

AdSense Attachment Page example:

Using this plugin

If you insert image into post with “Linked to Page” option, image will link to attachment page with ads, otherwise this plugin will not take efect on your attachment images.

More about Image and File Attachments in WordPress.


AdSense Attachment Plugin v 0.1 download page.

This plugin will approximatively show 5% of (only) adsense ads with this plugin authors ID. From one hundred adsense ads, just 5 of them will be with my ID. In return i will give to you support, and i will update and develop this wordpress plugin permanently. Also you are welcome to leave comments and suggestions.

CountPosts v 1.0 – WordPress Plugin [en]

Latest Version: CountPost 2.0
CountPosts V 2.0 a for latest WordPress versions from 2.5 to 2.6.2
Now it don’t count post from all users with user-level 8, (admin permissions), so it will not count visits from whole admin team, not just one admin person like older version

CountPosts V 1.1 Beta for WP 2.0

CountPosts is plugin for WordPress Blog. It’s very easy to install and use.

This plugin count visits on your blog, but not when u are log-in as admin. Also count visits for every post separated, and u know in every moment how many people read your posts. U can see what is the most read post in your blog. Also when u read your posts, CountPost won’t count your visits.

CountPost make u list of the most read post, with hits for every post separated.
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